Emergency aid 'LiSa LifeSaver' supports any first aider during resuscitation and helps save lives.

Sales launch of a newly developed feedback device for cardiac massage at the RETTmobil 2019.

The 'LiSa LifeSaver' emergency assistant is placed on the arm like a watch and using simple signals guides first aiders through the process of effective cardiac massage.

Small, cost-effective and easy to use, the 'LiSa LifeSaver' emergency assistant enables professionals and non-professionals alike to provide valuable first aid to someone in the crucial first minutes after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The Karl Küfner GmbH & Co. KG starts selling its newly developed emergency assistant for cardiac massage "LiSa LifeSaver" at RETTmobil, the leading European trade fair for rescue and mobility. Placed around the arm like a watch, the device can guide any first aider through the process of effective cardiac massage. LiSa LifeSaver calculates the compression depth of the cardiac massage and signals the correct frequency to the first aider. The device also checks the arm position of the first aider and indicates the right time to start resuscitation. LiSa LifeSaver enables any first aider with minimal previous first aid knowledge to increase the effectiveness of their cardiac massage and consequently the patient's probability of surviving the crucial first few minutes following cardiac arrest.

The device has been designed for first aid measures according to the latest American Heart Association and standards. Extremely cost effective and compact enough to fit into the glove compartment of any car, the device can be intuitively operated by professionals and non-professionals alike. LiSa LifeSaver provides any first aider with the security of knowing that they are acting correctly during a demanding resuscitation situation.

Approved as a medical product, LiSa LifeSaver has been designed for non-professional first aiders, paramedics and first aid training. 




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