Ensuring Mobility.

Screen and filter solutions from Küfner protect important functional and safety-relevant parts and components in the automotive sector such as injection valves and ABS systems against wear and damage by filtering production and startup-related contaminants out of liquids or gases.

  • Brake system: Screens for ABS, ASR and ESP systems
  • Fuel system
    • Screens for AdBlue applications for selective reduction of the nitrous oxides in exhaust gases (DeNOx systems) during exhaust aftertreatment
    • Tank intake screens to protect the fuel pump and fuel system
    • Screens for fuel injection valves and fuel pumps
    • Screen filters for fuel pressure regulators
  • Engine controller
    • Ultrafine filters for hydraulic controllers for valve protection
    • Screen discs for air flow meters
    • Screens for turbochargers
  • Transmission
    • Screen filters for automatic torque converters
    • Screen filters for dual clutch transmissions
    • Valves and throttles in transmission, engine and hydraulic systems
  • Oil circuit: Screen filters for the oil supply circuit of internal combustion engines

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